The Beer Hall Shop


Speciality Beer Shop

Alongside the bar in The Beer Hall is a temperature controlled speciality beer shop. As well as our own beers we stock an ever-changing collection of beers of the world, with an emphasis on what’s new and exciting in Britain. We sell the latest offerings from young and innovative breweries like our own.


Hawkshead Brewery Beer

Full range of bottled beers – available singly or by the case.

Gift packs - 3 and 6 bottle packs.

20 litre polypins (bag in boxes) – available by pre-order only.

 About polypins:

Polypins are the brewing world's version of the wine trade's bag-in-box, where the beer is sealed within a collapsible bag within a box, there is also a tap built into the system to ensure that no additional equipment is required to dispense the beer. Polypins contain 20 litres or beer – roughly 36 pints.

They require at least 24 hours to 'settle' (the natural sediment to fall to the bottom of the polypin – the same for casks in a pub’s cellar). Do not move polypins from the location you will pour from until the polypin has been drained. Remember to keep your polypin in a cool place, ideally at around 12°c- very similar to that found in a pub cellar.

The cooler the conditions, the longer the life of the beer, remember to keep out of direct sunlight. Once opened, best consumed within 3 days.

Polypins are available by pre-order for collection only, please phone The Beer Hall on 01539 825260


Other Hawkshead Products

4 pint carriers – please feel free to bring your clean carrier back for a re-fill.

Branded glasses – pints, halves, tankards and stemmed glasses.

T-shirts – sizes S – XXL.

Gift Vouchers - £10 and £20 denominations.