Core Beers

Windermere Pale (abv 3.5%)

Low gravity, very pale, very hoppy. 

Maris Otter Pale Ale malt with a bit of wheat. Loads of fruity hop flavours from a medley of traditional and modern hops. The signature aroma hop is Citra. 

*Silver Medal - SIBA National Champion 2012 Standard Bitters*

*SIBA North Overall Champion 2011 *

*Silver Medal - The Brewing Industry International Awards 2011* 

Silver medal - SIBA North Bitters and Pale Ales 2010


Hawkshead Bitter (abv 3.7%)

A pale, hoppy and bitter ale: a slight elderflower aroma from Slovenian "Celeia" hops, followed by long bitterness. The hikers' favourite -- the perfect thirst quencher after a day on the Fells. A great session bitter.

*CAMRA Best of Westmorland 2013*

*CAMRA Champion Bitter of Cumbria 2012*

*A CAMRA Beer of the Year 2011* (Champion Beer of Britain finalist)

*CAMRA Champion Bitter of the North West Region 2011*

CAMRA Champion Bitter of Cumbria 2009


Red (abv 4.2%)

Originally called Best Bitter. A Red Ale. Bitter-sweet. First comes the sweetness of the Dark Crystal malt, which gives it the red colour, and then the long dry finish. A beer for those who like their ale to have some colour and taste of malt.

*CAMRA (Silver) Champion Best Bitter of Cumbria 2012*

Silver medal, International Beer Challenge 2010 (bottled beer)

CAMRA Champion Best Bitter of Cumbria 2008


Lakeland Gold (abv 4.4%)

Known to fans as just: "Gold".

Golden Ale. Hoppy and uncompromisingly bitter with complex fruit flavours from the blending of a modern English hop, First Gold, with the American hop, Cascade. A hopheads' beer... with balance. A real beer drinkers beer.

*CAMRA Champion Best Bitter of Cumbria 2009 - 2012*

A CAMRA Beer of the Year 2008 (Champion Beer of Britain finalist)

Bronze medal, International Beer Challenge 2010 (bottled beer)

SIBA Champion Best Bitter 2005

SIBA North, Best Bottled Beer, 3 times in 5 years

Dry Stone Stout (abv 4.5%)



A traditional dry oatmeal stout & as dark as lakeland slate. Named in celebration of one of the defining features of The Lake District landscape - dry stone walls.

Brodie's Prime (abv 4.9%)

A dark premium beer, which takes you by surprise. It is not what it looks like.

It is rich and malty with a roasted edge, but then comes the spiciness and fruit: from a medley of English and American hops. Beware it drinks a lot lighter than it is.

*CAMRA Champion Porter of the North West Region 2010 - 2012*

*CAMRA Champion Porter of Cumbria 2012*


Lakeland Lager (abv 5%)


It's lager, but its tasty. Lager/ pilsner is a great beer style, given a bad name by multi-national fizz. This is, as you would expect, pale, with restrained but fresh hop character from European lager hops. Lager malt has been used, but the rules broken by using ale not lager yeast.

Brewed largely for keg and bottle, occasionally available in cask.

*SIBA, Silver medal, Craft Beer in Keg, Premium Pale & Golden Lagers 2012*

*SIBA North, Bronze medal, Bottled Speciality Beers 2012*