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  • Caption: Hawkshead team on the brewkit
    Caption: Sorting those hops

    The 8th March is International Women's Day

    We are lucky to have 11 full time women working in nearly every department of the brewery. Susan, Louise, Michelle, Lou, Gemma, Beth, Nicky, Molly, Gill, Hannah and Kate.

    Today we celebrate, not only our amazing Hawkshead women, but our whole community of women in the brewing industry.
    From the hop farmers to the bar workers, sales and marketing to lab technicians and of course brewers. We salute you and everything you do for the industry.

    In honour of International women’s day and all you amazing women we came together, designed and brewed a beer today!

    A wheat beer brewed with roasted orange & lemon and fresh bay leaves.

    Roasting fresh oranges and lemons with hand picked fresh bay leaves to enhance all the fruits natural sugars and infuse them with the bay. The brew day brought together most of the women in the brewery (some were having a well earned break), getting down to business, mashing in at 8am with brewer Robin. As with all our brews they prepped all the ingredients by hand, checked the quality and introduced them to the brew when needed. This included, the pulp and juice from the earlier roasted oranges and lemons with some more fresh bay leaves and of course hops. 

    Now it's time for the yeast to do it's thing with the loveliness that has been provided for it and we'll see it in a few weeks in Keg and some cask.

  • 14 November 2018

    Hawkshead Can....

    Hawkshead Can….in the last month we have relaunched our canning venture and reintroduced ITI along with three newly canned beers, NZPA, Session IPA and 5HOP. All of these beers are available to buy from the brewery website or directly from the brewery tap, The Beer Hall and all good independent craft beer retailers. Keep an eye out for more beers heading into cans in the near future. 

  • 16 October 2018

    We've Expanded.....

    We officially welcomed our new brew house in Flookburgh to the clan on Friday 12th’s been a long hot summer and now we can look to the future and what this expansion means for us as a brewery and team. 

    We will initially produce up to 240 beer barrels (8,640 gallons or 69,000 pints) beer each week, looking to increase as we gear up to export Hawkshead Lager and Windermere Pale across Eastern and Western Europe, the Americas and Asia.

    Head Brewer, Matt Clarke, is overseeing both sites to ensure our unique processes and ingredients are prevalent in both the core range and small batch brews.

    Innovation is still at our heart as we grow, with the original Staveley Brewery continuing to produce small batch beers, this will see more experimental beers and extending our barrel ageing programme amonst some exciting projects pushing the boundries we have dreamt of in the past few years.

    The Beer Hall has also had a make over, creating a beautifully relaxing and fully inclusive space for all to enjoy the freshest Hawkshead beer straight from the source, and with our newly appointed Head Chef bringing an new exciting vibe to the menu, it truly relfects where Hawkshead is and what may come in the future. 

  • 06 September 2018

    All over the place!

    This weekend see’s our intrepid team scattered across the country at beer events. Starting with Leeds international beer fest, in our opinion one of the UK’s best beer fests, bringing some of the finest UK and international breweries together. This year sees it running at high speed in to its 7th year, and we’ve been lucky enough to be along for all 7 of them. You’ll see us pouring beers such as La’al Lager, Wheat Goes On, Mosaic, Flump King, Tiramisu, Great White and NZPA all weekend.

    Next up BeaverEx, bringing together 60 of some of the worlds best breweries in one venue, all pouring their own beer. Brewing is forever an evolution and whatever your thoughts on Beavertown’s choices, we are committed to the brewing and beer community and will be pouring some of our best beers there this weekend including, Here She Goes, Key Lime Tau, La’al Lager, Flump King, Wheat Goes On and Tiramisu. So, if you’re attending one of these beery events, come give us a high five and drink some beer with us.

  • Our Rainbow Beer Revealed....

    Yellow was brewed in Collaboration with Modern Times Beer in San Diego, in a truly tansatlantic, transcontinental collaboration. After a lengthy hike in the desert by the sea that is San Diego, a vision struck us simultaneously. A vision of bright fruit and vibrant rays. Of quaffable sunshine in a bottle. Brewed with Pilsner, wheat, and spelt and hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Amarillo. We fermented this with Modern Times house wild yeast and a wildly foraged yeast found on Loganberries. After fermentation Yellow rested in red wine barrels and then went through a secondary refermentation on over 3lbs/gallon Southern California Apricots.

    Beer name: Yellow
    Beer style: Mixed culture barrel aged saison w/ apricots
    ABV: 7.5%

    Pours a pale starlit gold, with a light white head. Aroma of sunripe apricot skin and a flavor that matches followed by a juicy flesh finish. A balancing tartness and bright fruitiness round out the sensory experience.”

    Find Yellow, and the other rainbow project beers pouring at our Tap – The Beer Hall on 25th August!


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