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Minus 33 Rose & Peony Spirit
Minus 33 Rose & Peony Spirit
Minus 33 Rose & Peony Spirit

33% 70cl

A delicate infusion of Minus 33 with rose, hints of peony and hibiscus. No added sugars or artificial colours, just natural sweetness and 47 calories a serve; this aromatic spirit pairs beautifully with tonic and fresh raspberries.
Minus 33 makes a range of great tasting, light and refreshing low calorie gin with no added sugars, sweeteners and we never use any artificial ingredients.
Serving suggestions:
50ml Minus 33 Rose & Peony
200ml Light Tonic/lemonade
A lot of ice
Garnish with fresh raspberries

47 calories per serve – No Added Sugar – Wholly Natural Ingredients – No Artificial Colours or Sweeteners – Gluten Free - Vegan


Minus 33 Rose & Peony Spirit