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  • Solar Sour and it’s damson counterpart are being featured at a London Sour Festival run by independent craft beer bar Mother Kelly's.

    The newest beers in our limited edition collection will be served alongside other sour beers from 15 different UK breweries including Beavertown, Buxton , Kernel, Magic Rock & Redchurch.

    Popular on the continent for hundreds of years, sour beers are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, styles range from the mouth-puckeringly sour to the gently tart and are enjoyed for their dryness, acidity, and refreshing crispness.

    Solar Sour is our take on the classic German Berliner Weisse - low strength, refreshingly tart cloudy wheat beer. The damson edition and the original are both just 3.3% ABV, perfect for a hot summers day.

    ‘Sour Power’, a celebration of the UK’s sour brews takes place at Mother Kelly's, which can be found under the railway arches of Bethnal Green, 251 Paradise Row, 9th-12th July.

  • 19 June 2015

    All Ale the Ladies

    Thursday night at The Penny Black in Northwich was ‘ladies night’, but there was no ‘pink’ marketing in sight. Our very own beer missionary – Sales Manager Anne Jones was there to host a beer tasting evening for the women of Cheshire.

    The night was really well attended, our thanks go to Karen, Membership Secretary for North Cheshire CAMRA. “All the women were happy to taste all the beers on offer, even the styles that they would normally steer away from” said Anne, “the tapas style food pairing went down well and many said how it made them look at beer differently. It gave them ideas for matching their own food with a decent, well chosen glass of beer”.

    Karen commented “the session far exceeded my expectations and, I think, those of many of the attendees. Anne was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic, her passion certainly rubbed off on everyone - some were already plotting their beer matched dinner parties!

  • Pete Brown’s latest Morning Advertiser column ‘Why women love craft beer’ looks at how some of the world’s largest breweries are waking up to the marketing approach that small craft breweries are using to appeal to women.

    The approach is nothing new to us, we’ve been using it since we first started brewing - we simply brew flavourful, modern beers, no ‘pink’ marketing tactics in sight!

    Our first female-only beer event, a beer and food matching session, in October 2011 was enjoyed by over 40 women. Our second event in February 2012 was at the trade day of CAMRA Liverpool Beer Festival and was attended by 144 female beer enthusiasts.

    The response to the events was great. It showed that women are keen to learn about beer and that they don’t need beer specially designed for them. “It really isn’t difficult to make beer appeal to women” says Pete in his column “You do it by not insulting or alienating them”.

    Our next female-specific event is a ‘ladies only’ night at The Penny Black in Northwich on Thursday 18th June when our very own beer missionary – Sales Manager Anne Jones will be hosting a beer tasting evening. For more info check out the ‘What’s On’ page.


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