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  • 29 May 2015

    Wild Wheat is Back

    We’ve just bottled our second batch of Wild Wheat (the first was released in October last year). For the last 6 months the original brew of Great White has been ageing (with the addition of Brettanomyces wild yeast) in an oak cask in a quiet corner of the brewhouse. The resulting beer is something quite different with the Brett adding earthy, ripe, dry, lemony, tart flavours to the delicately hopped wheat beer. The 4.8% beer is available in 330ml bottles from both our beer shop online and The Beer Hall.

  • 22 May 2015

    "Rise From a Novice"

    The county’s favourite glossy lifestyle magazine, Cumbria Life, this month features a profile of our head brewer Matt titled ‘Graft Beer’, is this a welcome shift in the perception of beer and brewing? If you want to find out more pick up a copy of the June edition out now.

  • Earlier this month we had Chad Yakobson, of Crooked Stave Brewery, Denver, Colorado at the brewery to do a collab brew for this year’s Rainbow Project.

    2015’s project has gone trans-Atlantic, teaming up the 7 UK breweries with 7 from the US. We drew the colour green (again, by chance I’m sure), the resulting brew is complicated and involves lime zest, lemongrass and souring. The beer will be out in autumn.

    Pairings and colours:
    Beavertown - Dogfish Head - Indigo
    Buxton Brewery - Arizona Wilderness - Orange
    Hawkshead – Crooked Stave - Green
    Magic Rock - Cigar City - Red
    Partizan - Prairie Artisan Ales - Yellow
    Siren Craft Brew – Surly - Blue
    Wild Beer Co - Firestone Walker - Violet

  • Pallets of Hawkshead bottled beers are en route to Hong Kong. We have worked closely with UKTI (UK Trade & Investment) and are continuing to grow export sales. On the 18th May we hosted a UKTI trade event at The Beer Hall, part of a nationwide export trade week aimed at encouraging and supporting businesses to grow their export trade.

    It was by pure coincidence (honest!) that the international haulier arrived to collect the pallets just as the delegates were gathering at the brewery. Sales and Marketing Manager Anne Jones said “It was amazing timing which certainly didn’t fail to impress the visitors”.

  • India Pale Ale is a classic British beer style, traditionally brewed strong and well-hopped to survive the voyage to India. Our IPA is brewed to 7% and is liberally hopped with different varieties from America and New Zealand for each batch.

    This means we’re able to select the most flavoursome hops available and showcase a range of flavour profiles.

    Our new batch of IPA (brewed on Friday 24th April) has been brewed with new season’s hops; Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand and Citra, Colombus & Mosaic from the US.

    We’re big fans of Kiwi hops, not least because our head brewer is a native, but because New Zealand grows some of the world’s most unique hops due to its remote location and lack of pests and hop disease. Nelson Sauvin is one of these, producing fruity “fresh crushed gooseberry” tropical flavours, much like the wine it is named after (Sauvignon Blanc). Combined with Citra, Colombus & Mosaic this beer has plenty of resinous, fruity hop character.

    This new batch of IPA will be packaged in cask, keg and bottle. Bottles can be bought from our beer shop online in cases of 6 or 12 or individually at The Beer Hall, Staveley.


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