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Citrus Gin Bundle
Citrus Gin Bundle

Cirtus Gin Bundle

x1 bottle of English Rhubarb & Rose Gin 70cl 

Rhubarb & Rose is inspired by the British love affair with the home grown flavours of Rhubarb and Rose.
This beautifully refined gin balances delicate notes of rhubarb, whilst the florality of rose is elegantly evident. Fresh Juniper and subtle floral notes with fruity and citrus hints, on the palette there is floral Juniper and Rose, with subtle fresh Rhubarb to finish.
x1 bottle of Ginetic Gin 70cl 


Ginetic Gin is created using traditional French distillations techniques, double-distilled in Charentais stills - the same kind used for centuries to produce Cognac. A blend of six botanicals are gently heated in a bain-marie: juniper, Jamaican pepper, lemon peel, Spanish coriander, angelica and cinchona bark.

Fresh and citrusy on the nose, with a distinct touch of ginger and bright, uplifting juniper. To taste, juniper is dominant, supported by a floral character and spicy cardamom. 

x1 bottle of Aber Falls Orange & Marmalade

41.3% 70cl

The use of citrus flavours in this gin were found to work perfectly with the piney juniper, providing the perfect combination when mixed with your favourite tonic.

A refined balance of sweet and bitter orange flavours, with the pine flavour of juniper: a citrus hit with warming aftertaste, guaranteed to tickle your taste-buds!

San Francisco World Spirits Competition Silver Winner 2018

Citrus Gin Bundle