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Crabbie 15YR + 3 Glencairns + Paddle

Crabbie 15YR Old Scotch Whisky

Grab a bottle and receive 3 Crabbie Glencairns and a whisky paddle!

43% 70cl

John Crabbie’s award-winning range of independently bottled whiskies come from the newly restored John Crabbie & Co of Edinburgh. John Crabbie was a whisky pioneer and one of the first to bottle whisky under his own name, purchasing from over 70 distilleries across Scotland.
Tasting Notes:
Nose: Beach campfire, salted caramel with subtle notes of citrus and fresh sea air.
Palate: Dark chocolate, delicate smoke, grilled stone fruits with an undercurrent of savoury sea salt. 
Finish: Long buttery finish with delicate smoke, complex mineral and coastal notes all wrapped up in luxurious chocolate.

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